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Tool Sets For Torque Rod Installation

Winner of Professional Tool and Equipment News Innovation Award.
May / June 2001 Issue.
These tools assist in installation of Energy Suspension torque rod bushings listed below.

Tool Sets
Part No.
Services set number 90.7003 only.
Services set numbers 90.7001 and 90.7011.
Services set numbers 90.7002 and 90.7008.
Torque Rod Install Set. A complete set that services all torque rod bushings Energy Suspension offers on "Torque Rod" Page.

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Arbor Press
Everything you need to re-bush torque rods at a fraction of the cost of O.E. replacement rods!!!

Only $99.00!

Includes three ton arbor press and all adapters.
(Does not include shipping.)

Part No. 95.9002

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