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For: Clevite, Euclid, Hendrickson, Navistar, Volvo White, etc.
Torque Rod Bushings
º Prevents Costly Arm Replacement.
º Potential Down Time Is Reduced.
º Out Lasts Rubber Torque Rod Bushings 3 To 4 Times.
º Designed To Be Full-Floating & Non-Binding.
º A Must For Applications Where Greater Suspension Travel Is Required.
º Made Of Our HYPER-FLEX Polyurethane.
Made Superior!- Aside from HYPER-FLEX polyurethane torque arm bushings being of superior material than O.E.M. rubber, it also has greater longevity from an improved design. It is full floating and non-binding, which all but eliminates unwanted and all too common tearing forces. Being full-floating and non-binding is especially important on air ride applications where there is much greater suspension travel. A must for severe off-road conditions.

bushings cost about 1/3rd the price of a new arm fitted with rubber and will last 3 to 4 times longer.

So if you’re tired of the old-fashioned rubber bushings cracking and splitting-out after a short time in service and tired of having to purchase an entire new torque arm when the rubber fails, here is the alternative!

Installed with a light-duty shop arbor press or vice.
Several sizes are available to fit most applications.
Bushings are available in red or black.
O.E.M. & Universal Torque Rod Replacement Bushing Application Data- Bushing Only (two per package)
HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane bushing sets are available for Hendrickson universal rubber bushing torque rods, torque used on Kenworth “Glide Ride” and “Air Ride”, and Navistar “Corporate” air ride suspensions. Bushing sets include: two bushings and service one complete torque rod assembly.

NOTE: Due to differences found among aftermarket torque rods (O.D. of pins and I.D. of rod end eyes) referring to specifications noted below will assure correct application of the replacement polyurethane bushings. Disassembly of torque rod may be required to determine pin and rod end diameter.

Due to variance in design, to replace the following aftermarket cartridges, measurements must be obtained of the following:
Hendrickson 44694 & 44695, Clevite 227710 & 227720, Euclid E2225 & E2226.

To measure and obtain part no.- see drawings/Fig. 1 & 2 below:
(After part no.- add G for black, R for red.)

A” pin O.D.- 1.312”, “B” rod end I.D. = 1.877”, use- No. 90.7003
A” pin O.D.- 1.687”, “B” rod end I.D. = 2.53”, use- No. 90.7011
A” pin O.D.- 1.95”, “B” rod end I.D. = 2.53”, use- No. 90.7001
A” pin O.D.- 1.95””, “B” rod end I.D.= 2.75”, use- No. 90.7008
A” pin O.D.- 2.125”, “B” rod end I.D.= 2.75”, use- No. 90.7002

Complete Torque Rod End Replacement Application Data- Bushing And / Or Pin Only
Components containing rod cross pins shown below- pins are made of high quality steel, and are completely CNC machined to factory specifications. They are zinc plated to resist corrosion and rust.
Torque Rod Bushing With Steel Pin
Part No.

One per package.

(After part no.- add G for black, R for red.)

Hendrickson #44695, Clevite #227720, Euclid #E2226 (rubber), Euclid #E7639 (poly)

Includes Pin-
See #90.7025 below for pin specs.

Bushing O.D. (Rod I.D.)
2.75” (Installs with tool- Energy's #95.9009G)
Part No.

One paer package.

(After part no.- add G for black, R for red.)

Hendrickson #44694, Clevite #227710, Euclid #E2225 (rubber), Euclid #E7638 (poly)

Includes Pin-
See #90.7025 below for pin specs.

Bushing O.D.
(Rod I.D.) 2.53” (Installs with tool- Energy's #95.9008G)
Torque Rod Cross Steel Pin (only)
Part No.

One per package.

Works With
90.7001, 90.7008

Steel Pin O.D.

Hole Center to Center

O.A.L. 5.625”

Mounting Hole Dia.
.655” (accepts 5/8” bolts)
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