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Question: What is required to install Energy Suspension polyurethane components?

Answer: Our HYPER-FLEX™ components are a result of a multitude of bright ideas here at Energy Suspension to ease in installation. They usually install with common service tools and require a basic knowledge of vehicle repair. Most product packages include detailed step-by-step instructions to help installers. A typical service vehicle repair shop should also be able do the installation for you.
How To Buy Products

Question: Can I buy your product directly from Energy Suspension?

Answer: Sorry, but unfortunately not. We are a product developer and manufacturer. Our products are available to the general public through a large and established distribution base. If you have difficulty locating a source, please do not hesitate contacting us at- (949) 361-3935 or E-mail and ask for Customer Service.
Cost Savings

Question: I can buy rubber components at a lower cost than polyurethane components. Why should I pay more?

Answer: Some of our products actually costs less in than the OEM rubber parts! EXAMPLE: Hundreds of fleet operators have learned that instead of replacing the entire OEM radius rod assembly (when the rubber bushings wear out) they can easily insert our unique two piece polyurethane bushings. This method typically costs 1/3 of a complete replacement of the rod!
Our award winning Torque Rod Re-Bush Tool Set for class seven & eight vehicles speeds installation–saving money. (Link To Tool Set)

Additionally, HYPER-FLEX™ components deliver a longevity factor that exceeds common rubber components–preventing less expensive down time periods.

Different Component Look

Question: Viewing the on-line catalog, some of your components look different than the part I will replace. Why?

Answer: Time is money. Some manufacturers merely duplicate replacement parts into polyurethane that were originally made of rubber. A simplistic and thoughtless way out. Energy Suspension engineers both redesigns the component shape and reformulates the durometer (hardness) of its components to actually: save in installation time, improve vehicle operation and increase component longevity.

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